All About Spirulina

Post previously published on, and in collaboration, with E+Rose Wellness Cafe. Edited for reposting purposes.

You’ve seen it on Instagram giving a pop of color to Unicorn Toast or smoothie bowls, but what is spirulina actually? Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is harvested from alkaline water. It’s then dried and sold in powder or pill form. You can find it on the menu at E & Rose Wellness Cafe in the Sea Green Juice [pictured above] with several other nutrient dense plants - celery, pineapple, kale, jicama, and apple. You can always add it to a smoothie or bowl too!

Like most “superfoods,” spirulina was consumed by people in ancient times as a source of many different nutrients including protein. It’s a complete plant-based protein source [up to 70% protein by weight!] and rich in iron, making it a great nutrient dense source for those following a plant-based diet. It’s nutrient punch goes beyond that though…it’s loaded with chlorophyll, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, which aid in a variety of mechanism within the body ranging from metabolism, muscle contractions, sleep, digestive and immune health.

As with most “superfoods,” continued research needs to be done to show just how beneficial this blue-green powder can be, however, there have been studies that show it may help with endurance, our bodies natural detoxification systems like liver and kidneys, heart health, neurological function, anti-aging as well as oxidation and inflammation within the body.

So now that you know what Spirulina is, how do you use it? Start small...a to-be-expected taste of the sea may be apparent, somewhat like seaweed. Try 1 tsp added to energy bites, bars, juices or My Go-To Smoothie Bowl.